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Effective Communication - The Key to Successful Time Management

Effective Communication - The Key to Successful Time Management - HK Training Courses

Jono Johnson
It's no surprise one of the biggest time-wasters on company time involves talking to colleagues. But it's not gossiping that takes up a lot of time: it's the never ending weekly staff status reports, updates on projects that have no conclusion and sales presentations that could be only a few minutes, but take up to an hour or more.
You can bring these unproductive meeting to a quick close by a few well-placed remarks. Or you may want to bring the discussion back to track in order to be able to have a productive ending.
There are other interruptions that can ruin your whole day: you will always have colleagues who step into your office with the usual "Got a sec?" question. Then you will have phone calls, useless e-mails, administrative tasks, or hall conversations that can be heard from your office.
A lot of people interrupt themselves by trying to do too many things at the same time: there are many studies with the conclusion that multitasking is not as effective work style as people generally believe. If you have to stop and restart the project you are working on, you will need a startup time every time you turn back to the task.
Sometimes you can feel that you could use the interruptions as an excuse to leave a project undone. If you get always interrupted, you can always say that it was somebody else's fault you could not finish your task. The problem with this kind of attitude is that you will still have to finish the project sooner or later: so you can do it on time, or you can do it under pressure, after working hours.
Your can have the task of writing a 400-page report in 10 months: this means 40 pages a month, or little more than one page per day. It seems easy, so you think you can put it off for a few months. Then you will need to produce 50 pages a month: that is not very hard either. But there will be one point when the doable starts to be impossible.
Deciding something is one of the easiest things to put off. However, the smallest indecision can cost you a lot of time consumption. If you leave one e-mail unanswered, and you get more mails from the sender, you may find yourself in the situation of spending up to five times more with that single issue, that you would have spent if you answered the e-mail on the first day.
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